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Why Produce Home Delivery?

When Sharyn lived in Charlotte, NC she and her kids couldn’t wait for their weekly box to arrive.  The produce was always so fresh and delicious.  It just couldn’t compare to what you would find in the supermarket.  But when she moved back to Sarasota, she tried to find a company that delivered Organic Produce and it was no where to be found.  There only seemed to be Organic Produce Co-Ops however with her busy lifestyle —weekly pickups from a produce co-op just wasn’t an option.

Why White Picket Produce?

We think we’re Different because we are FAMILY owned and operated. We are Customer Focused and all our decisions are based on the needs and wants of our members and the paradise we live in here in Sarasota.

a family who packs together ...

a family who packs together …

We are Farmer & Local Artisan Focused.

We live and breathe sustainable food and buying LOCAL.  In fact, less than 1% of the $798 million dollars of food Sarasota County residents purchase annually is produced locally.  If we could just shift just 10% in this direction we could add $80 million dollars a year to our local economy, potentially creating thousands of new green jobs.  Want more information?  Just  click here 10% Transition SRQ to sign the pledge and find out more information.

Ordering online saves you valuable TIME and MONEY.

Find what you need right from the comfort of you home.  We offer FREE delivery for every minimum order of $35 … fast and professionally packaged.  Order as much as you like!

We offer Great Deals & Competitive Pricing.  We even offer you discounts for referring your friends and family.

You’re the BOSS.

All our boxes are fully Customizable.  Don’t like something? Let us know and you will never even see it on your menu.  You set the schedule and the pace.  Stop your orders when you don’t need them.  We’ll deliver when you’re ready.

Veggie Van

No RISK and NO Contracts or long-term Commitments.

Feel free to pause or cancel your membership at any time. No fee to cancel.

The selection!

We carry tons of local, organic and natural foods and we are always adding.  Don’t see one of your favorites?  Let us know!

We only ship the GOOD stuff.

We have high quality standards and only sell and deliver items that pass our high standards.  Shop Confidently … we’re picky too!

We want you to be happy.  So if you’re not … let us know and we’ll replace or refund it. Hassle Free.  Quality Guaranteed.

Need to see more? Here are some of our favorite boxes! Drool if you must …

Produce Box Week 7

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