Organic Red Kale

Add In some Organic Kale

Let’s add in some organic kale this week and feel the Veggie Love,  Add in ingredients are a great way to customize any dish, make it yours to love!

Organic kale can be used in so many ways from smoothies, omelets, frittata,

Saute of organic Kale, onion and jalapeno

soups, stews, stir-frys, chips, salads and so on and on… Here are a few more ideas to try this week with your organic red kale and other organic fruits and veggies.

Allison's Veggies

Everyone loves burgers:  beef burgers, bison burgers, veggie burgers, salmon or shrimp burgers. Start with your favorite protein for a burger, add some kale and other veggies to make a topping, and season it as you wish. Magic meal-in-one, no bun required.

Years ago, I attended an exercise class in the mornings and after class, several of us would go to a local cafe to eat and chat until it was time to pick-up our kids from nursery or kindergarten.

We called the cafe, “The Greek Place”. It had another name, I’m sure, but that’s forgotten now. The “Greek Place” got his name because (besides the fact that the owners were Greek), they had a “Greek” version of nearly every item on their menu! Greek Omelets, Greek Burgers, Greek Rice, Greek Orzo, Greek Fish, Greek Pita Sandwiches, etc.  All these items were made “Greek” by adding tomatoes, cucumber, onion, feta cheese and maybe some oregano and lemon! We loved everything “Greek” as did all their customers.

So, the other night, I made a “Greek Burger” in memory of that fun place and fun time in my life.

I used Grass-fed Beef. I suppose ground lamb would be appropriate too if one should choose. Not I.

"Greek"Burger with Organic Kale topping


“Greek” Burger with Organic Kale Topping

1/2 pound grass-fed beef

teaspoon Tamari or Worcestershire sauce

1 teaspoon onion powder

1/4 teaspoon oregano

3 medium/large leaves organic kale, stemmed

1/2 cup halved organic cherry tomatoes (or tomato wedges)

1/4 sliced organic sweet or white onion

2 ounces crumbled feta cheese

2 tablespoons fruity olive oil

2 tablespoons red wine vinegar

a squeeze of organic lemon

salt and pepper to taste (careful, feta is salty)

Mix Worcestershire, onion powder and oregano into burger meat. Make 2 burgers. Grill or pan fry to your desired doneness.

(To make an old-fashioned diner type burger: form patty,  top with a sprinkling of salt, melt a little butter and oil in a cast iron skillet until very hot. Add patty and press until browned and crispy on one side. Turn and repeat. )

Slice the kale leaves thinly (chiffonade). Add the tomatoes, onions, and feta. Toss well with oil, vinegar, and lemon. Season with salt and pepper and top the cooked burger with the mixture. This makes 2.

Greek Organic Kale Topped Burger

Organic Kale added to a Risotto or Pureed and added to Polenta (grits), are creamy, heavenly dishes, but require a little work. See post 12/4/16.

polenta with organic kale puree

Simply cook your favorite grain, and then add in some kale;  a much simpler alternative, when time and energy are in short supply!

The following is a type of recipe which I call a no recipe recipe.  The beauty of this kind of recipe is that you use what you have on hand, and the foods you prefer within a certain category of food. Then, just put them all together for a creative blast of color, nutrition, and taste!


Brown Rice with Organic Kale and Almonds

Variations on Organic Kale with Grains and Fruits

¾ cup brown rice, farro, quinoa or other grain
¼ toasted almonds, pine nuts, walnuts or other nuts
3/4 cup Black or Green olives, pitted and sliced
1 tablespoon olive brine
2 Tbsp organic lemon juice
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper
1 bunch organic red or other kale, stemmed, cut in chiffonade (thinly sliced ribbons)
Cook the grain until done, but still has some “bite”, al dente.
 Toast the nuts in a little oil, until lightly browned, about 3- 5 minutes.
Mix together the lemon juice and olive brine, salt, and pepper. Whisk in olive oil.
Toss with the kale, reserving about 2 tablespoons dressing.  Let it stand on the kale for 10- 15 minutes.
Dressing the Organic Kale
Lay the kale on a plate or platter or bowl.
Top with the cooked grain, toasted nuts, and sliced olives. Drizzle with extra dressing and adjust seasoning if needed.
This is my Brown Rice version with Smoked Almonds and Green Olives.
Organic Kale with Brown Rice Olives and Almonds

Organic Kale with Farro, Olives and Pine NutsThis is a variation with Farro,  Black olives, and Red peppers.

For a more Paleo version, use organic Apples and Almonds. Seeds may be added in place of the grains, pumpkin, chia or flax.

Organic Kale with Apple and Almonds

Add organic corn or tomatoes, for a different texture and color, sweet or red chopped onion for a bite, and add some raw honey to the vinaigrette for a touch of sweetness.

You choose! A wonderful dish is at your fingertips, just peek into your White Picket box this week!

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